Sunday, March 1, 2015

4 diy projects for a renter's home.

Living in rented accommodation has it's limits when it comes to decorating the space. Over the years I've added DIY projects to our home that don't involve painting rooms or reupholstering the couch. They're also fun little projects for a Sunday that don't cost a fortune. 

This rug wall hanging was one of my favourites. A big impact for a half hour project.

I made our bathroom a little bit prettier with this dried flowers DIY.

An oldie but a goodie. A bit of matchy-matchy in my bedroom with this DIY.

I jazzed up Nancy's bedroom door with this floral letter sign DIY.

Go forth, make one of them today!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

nancy says.

We went to see the Peppa Pig movie this week in the cinema and Nancy was super impressed. Maybe more so with the popcorn but the next morning when I was getting her up I suggested we go downstairs and watch some tv while eating breakfast.

Me: Wanna bring the blanket downstairs and we'll watch something while you eat your porridge?
Nancy: No, the telly is too small Mama.

Flicking through one of Louis' books in our bed...
Nancy: Once upon a time, there was a pwincess and she got fairy wings. The end.

Wearing a vintage hat and carrying a big old briefcase, Nancy strolls out to the hallway...
Nancy: I'm off to the seaside, byyyeee!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the perfect day in cork city.

 I've lived in Cork all my life and I've never lived in a house that was more than 10 minutes away from the heart of the city. I went to school in the city and owned a business in the city so I have my old favourites and new haunts when it comes to hanging around here for a few hours. 
In an ideal world, every week, I'd spend a whole day hanging around this city but we never really get the chance. Nonetheless, here's my perfect day in Cork city.

We'd go to either Perry Street Market Cafe or Zamora for breakfast. Both are relatively new and have never disappointed me. In Zamora, I'd have the eggs benedict and in Perry Street, I'd go for the porridge. 

Next, we'd head to Nancy's favourite shop in town, Pinocchio's on Paul Street. A beautiful shop full of wooden and old fashioned toys. We'd spend a good bit of time in here so as thanks for letting us play with all the toys, we'd buy a small gift for Nancy. We'd have to stop off at O'Conaills on French Church Street for a hot chocolate. I highly recommend the dark chilli hot chocolate.

Just a few minutes away on Drawbridge Street is Mercury Goes Retrograde. Trying on all the glitzy 80's dresses and colourful 60's shift dresses, we'd easily spend another half an hour in here before leaving with a bargain. 

We'd cross the river and pop into Vibes and Scribes on Bridge Street to pick up some craft supplies for another day before heading up to Tara's Tea Rooms on MacCurtain Street and pick a cosy table for some lunch. 

We'd stroll back down through the city and head into the English Market to buy our dinner to cook at home but not without stopping at Miss Daisy Blue to drool over their amazing vintage pieces as well as popping into Peacock & Ruby on our way out of the Market Parade before we head home.

If we had more time and bigger appetites, we'd make a trip to Mother Jones Flea Market, Coqbull, Amity, Plugd and Paradise Crepe Restaurant

It's not huge city so it's just right to visit all the beautiful small businesses, cafes and restaurants in one perfect day.

Monday, February 23, 2015

spring clean.

 I've been doing some spring cleaning lately at home and the biggest job is the spare room where I store all the vintage stock. At the moment, it looks worse than when I began but that's a good sign, I'm hoping! I've been reacquainted with lots of dresses and accessories that I had forgotten about including this dress and hat. I'm holding onto the hat but as I have enough dresses in my wardrobe, I'll be listing this dress in the online store soon.

Fedora - Vintage
Dress - Vintage, my store
Boots - Penneys

Thursday, February 19, 2015

dressing up.

Maybe it's the fact that I was told I was having a boy when I was pregnant and then getting lots of baby boy clothes and gifts that I dressed Nancy in very middle of the road clothes for about two years. 
Or maybe it's the fact that I tried to practise a gender neutral approach when it came to choosing toys, colours in her room and outfits for her but this girl is fighting the system along with her sparkly handbag by her side! 
She will always comment on anything I wear that's on the girlie side, usually "ooh Mama, tat's luffly!" When we're in a shop she will nearly always head for the pinks and sparkles, whether it's toys or clothes although she'll never pass up a good fire truck. She loves dressing up and prancing around saying she's a ballerina!
Clothes are quite important to me (if you haven't already guessed!) so more than likely Nancy will follow in my footsteps, or maybe she won't! Who knows? Either way, I'm abandoning my gender neutral parenting and heading straight for the sequins and skirts in her wardrobe every morning. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

50's to 90's.

I have lots of vintage stock listed in the store this week and a whole clothes rail to go too. A few stunning 1950's dresses and so many vintage western bags. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

the way to my heart.

 Yesterday Louis surprised me with a trip down to Castlemartyr Hotel for afternoon tea. Not usually a big Valentine's Day celebrating kinda couple, I would definitely be up for changing our ways if the surprises always involved cake. It is the way to my heart. 

Vintage coat - My store
Dress - Penneys
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Penneys

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