Wednesday, April 6, 2016

bar cart - styled three ways.

Bar carts are definitely something that any 20 or 30 something year old
drools over while anyone over the age of 50 wants to erase from their memory. I think Mad Men is slightly responsible for this renewed love, along with the retro and midcentury styles that have re-emerged over the past 5 or 6 years. 
Anyway, I'm in that honeymoon phase with my bar cart that was a family hand-me-down and I finally had room for it in our new home. Generally, it houses our (kinda) fancy glassware, a pretty random selection of liqueurs and syrups, cocktail stirrers and paper straws. 
We don't have the kinda lifestyle where we throw a lot of cocktail parties or any parties for that matter (although we do want to have a few more over the summer)!

So to have a little fun with the bar cart and see what it's true calling is, I've styled it three ways for three different uses. Take a look. 

This one is probably my favourite. There's some leftover props form the Oh Me, Oh My DIY! and WeddingDates workshop last weekend. Along with a pre-made cocktail mix, some vintage glassware and new glasses, garnishes and cocktail decorations, it's a colourful, tropical feast for the eyes!

The coffee cart is a lot more realistic use for our home. And after styling this, I'm considering keeping our coffee machine and vintage china on the bar cart everyday. Brightening up the cart with a few plants and colourful glassware is a good idea on a coffee cart, especially if you don't have any decorative china and makes it look less like a kitchen trolley!

A fondue party - not your typical kinda party and definitely a nod to the 70's but I've managed to have a few fondue evenings with Louis since I bought this set on Etsy a few years ago. And it's most definitely suited to the cart because you just gotta eat fondue on the floor so the cart is perfect for wheeling everything in from the kitchen. Put everything you're dipping in separate bowls, along with garnishes and condiments, place mats and plates, you're all set for a night of cheese!

Cocktails, coffee and cheese. All the good things in life!

Cathy x

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

colour pop art.

 I haven't blogged an outfit post since October! What the...?! It's sort of a true reflection of what I've been wearing the past few months. Paint covered and not outfit post worthy! I'm a little out of practise (it take guts to stand and strike a pose alright!) so let's keep it short and sweet ;)

Necklace - Dunnes Stores
Denim shirt - Primark
Pencil skirt - Vintage

Cathy x

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

new home - bathroom.

 So today I'm sharing photos of our bathroom. It was the first room I had planned out in my head, even before we bought the house. I suppose I have a thing for bathrooms and I think they reflect the overall vibe of a home (or any establishment for that matter). Before buying anything for our bathroom or deciding on a final design, I had three goals: the bathroom suite had to be a colour (not white!), I wanted to have wallpaper on some or all walls and lastly, I wanted to satisfy my love for all things 1980's/tropicana/ Palm Springs. And I think I succeeded. Take a look...

 I searched for about 6 months for a full pink bathroom suite. In the end, I had to drive to a farmhouse in Kilkenny. The family were throwing out their bathroom suite and I paid a whopping €40 for it! 

We stayed a little contemporary with the tiles and chose white beveled subway tiles for the bath and sink area. We used a piece of scaffolding left over from building as our shelf over our sink. We just sanded it down and gave it two coats of clear varnish. The beautiful Art Deco style mirror was a gift from my aunt. 
The wallpaper is Cole & Son's. It's not cheap but after saving with so many other elements in the bathroom we splashed out a little here. 

In keeping with the tropicana theme, I added some finishing touches such as cacti, a cactus print, a pineapple and flamingos.

And what's a room tour without a before and after shot eh?!

Do I smile every time I take a shower or tinkle? Yes. Yes I do!

Cathy x

Friday, March 25, 2016

healthy ice lollies - 3 recipes.

I'm a big fan of tricking Nancy into eating healthy without her knowing it. So when I saw these ice lolly moulds in Penney's recently, I had to have them as ice lollies are probably the one of the craftiest ways to trick a child into eating some fruit! 

Each recipe makes 4 ice lollies

A handful of raspberries
1 sliced banana
1/2 cup of pineapple juice
Blend and freeze

A handful of raspberries
1 sliced banana
1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 teaspoon of honey
Blend and freeze

A handful of blackberries
3 tablespoons of yogurt
1 teaspoon of honey
Blend and freeze

Mission accomplished! 

Cathy x

Thursday, March 17, 2016

nancy says.

I haven't done a Nancy says in a while and seeing as she has a whole lot more to say these days, I'll share a few of her best ones!

Trying to book our next family holiday...
Nancy: Ok, I'll help you get money so we can go on holidays again.
Me: Well we'd need a really big bag of money cause the tickets are expensive.
Nancy: Ok, I can help you put all the money in a bag and we'll put it on the airplane.

Nancy: Is it my birthday tomorrow?
Me; No it's in September.
Nancy: Ok, in a few days I'll be 4.
Me: Um, yeah...

Me: Ok it's time for bed.
Nancy: Two seconds Mama, I just gotta make you a potion.
(Still very obsessed with Hocus Pocus)

Cathy x

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

my instagram favourites.

Whether it's candid moments or a little bit of staged flatlay, I'm 'gramming a lot lately! So here's my 10 favourite Instagram accounts and why you should be double tapping their posts all the time. 

Why follow? For their totally doable DIY projects

Why follow? For the cutest vintage kid's clothes around

Why follow? For some #girlboss inspiration

Why follow? For photos of her studio

Why follow? For her dreamy boho photos

Why follow? For the coolest party DIYs

Why follow? For her super cute 60's inspired outfits

Why follow? For her adorable family life photos

Why follow? To see some beautiful Irish interiors and shops

Why follow? For their killer #flatlays

Cathy x

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