Tuesday, May 26, 2015

a happy & healthy toddler.

Nancy is pretty much your average toddler. (Although, yes, in my eyes, she's not average at all!) But as toddlers go, she's a typical one. Loves playing all day, hates a lot of vegetables and demands a treat after eating said vegetables. That's how we roll in our house. 
Some might frown upon it but it works for us. I think it was something I resorted to one day when she wouldn't eat her soup at lunch. "You get some chocolate if you eat your soup!" And so, a habit was created. 
She also gets a hot chocolate nearly everyday. Either after her breakfast or before bed. Although if she forgets to ask, I don't remind her! I ain't a super mum, a mother of five or someone who thinks that the same works for every family. But over the past two and a half years, there's three things that I've learned that seem to be key to this little girl's happiness. I can't stand parenting blogs and forums that exude unrealistic expectations and ultimately make you feel like a bad parent. So this is my, not so strict advice and tips for raising a happy and healthy toddler. 

Diet. Moderation. I let her have treats like chocolate and ice cream everyday but I also make sure she's been muncing on an apple and there were some sneaky carrots in her potato mash! Toddlers are picky so my theory is compromise. And cross my fingers that she'll enjoy fruit and veg as much as I do when she gets older. 

Play. Being outdoors is good for everyone. If I've been cooped up inside all day, I often feel anxious. And I think when it comes to toddlers, it's pretty clear that they're much happier when they get a few hours outdoors, weather permitting. That's why winter kinda sucks when you have young children!

Chats. It's not always a conscious decision but I will nearly always find myself in a deep and meaningful with Nancy everyday. Obviously, due to her vocabulary, it ain't that deep and meaningful but it probably is to her I suppose. Sometimes I notice if there's lots of housework to do or I'm spending too much time on my phone (hey, hands up, we're all guilty!) that she gets in a bad mood. And why not? She can't just say, "Ok mum, you seem busy, I'm off to hang with my friends!" So little or big chats throughout the day remind her that I love her, she's important and I enjoy her company. 

If all else fails, buy a bouncy castle and an endless supply of ice-cream! Jokes. Kinda...

Cathy x

Friday, May 22, 2015

nancy says.

Look at those big round eyes! A Nancy Says is long overdue so here's what this little toddler's been saying lately...

Watching Beauty and the Beast...
Nancy: Aww the monster's sad. When's he gonna turn into a Dad?

Nancy: I don't like jellies and tomatoes.
Me: Really? I love tomatoes. 
Nancy: Me either!

Playing outside in the garden, looking for insects.
Nancy: Mama, look there's a snail!
Me: Oh cool! What's his name?
Nancy: I dunno. He's my brother. 

Out of nowhere...
Nancy: I'm not four yet.
Me: Ok...
Nancy: When's my party?
Me: Eh, not for a year and a half.
Nancy: Ok. We'll have cake and sandwiches. 

I try to imagine the things going through her head when she comes out with some of these things. The little weirdo :)

Cathy x

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

how to shop on etsy.

So being a seller on Etsy, often I end up browsing myself. Whether I'm aimlessly browsing or looking for a dress for a special occasion, Etsy is one of my go to places when shopping. I mainly shop the vintage sections and sometimes the handmade items too. I've found many a vintage gem along with a few poor purchases along the way. After a few years of being a seller and customer on this platform, here are my tips for how to shop on Etsy. 

Be specific but not too specific.
If you're looking for a 1950's red polka dot dress, type that in. There's so many sellers on Etsy these days that you'll get a good result most of the time when you're looking for something specific. Just don't be too specific by searching for too many details or you'll end up at a dead end. 

Favourite that shop fast!
If you happen to stumble upon a shop with some amazing pieces, favourite it straight away! I do this now but at the start I used to forget to bookmark those awesome shops and never remember what they were called when I went back to browse their stores. Now I make sure to click the little heart next to the shop and my home feed is filled with lots of temptations everyday!

Read the description. 
Before purchasing a piece of clothing, I make sure to read the size description as well as the measurements the seller provides. If the seller doesn't provide their own measurements along with the size on the label, I would be quite hesitant to make the purchase.

Look for a discount code. 
Before you purchase that amazing-have-to-have-it-seventies-suede-skirt, take a look at the shop's info at the top of their page. Maybe they have a summer sale on and are providing all customers with a 20% off discount code. If not, you could even send them a quick message and ask if there are any discounts available at the time. They often say yes. As a seller myself, I do a lot of the time.

Shop local.
Just like in the real world, there's an option to shop local on Etsy. You can refine your search by entering in the city or country you're living in, see what's available to you and more than likely your shipping costs will be a lot lower too.

Happy Etsy shopping!

Saturday, May 16, 2015


 Here's last week's #weekforvintage. A week of showing off my favourite pieces in the store and how I'd style them. A few items have been sold from this list but you can still find most of them in the store at the moment. Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

clay jewellery bowl diy.

 These days, I tend to wear the same few pieces of jewellery everyday so I needed a small jewellery holder for my bedside locker. This DIY project only takes 15-20 minutes if you exclude the drying time of 24 hours! And it's super cheap too. 

So first I took a small lump of air hardening clay and kneaded it into a ball and used a little bit of water to soften it. Then using a rolling pin flattened it out in a circle with a thickness of 3mm. Turning a bowl upside down, I placed it over the clay and cut the desired shape. 

Then I carefully placed the circular piece of clay in a larger bowl and used a spoon to help recreate the curved shape. I left it to dry for 24 hours. 
When it was dry, I used an acrylic spray paint on the entire bowl in metallic silver. (You can use some sandpaper to smooth out the edges before painting if you don't like the rough edges). Once the paint was dry I sectioned off a small piece with masking tape. Using a small paintbrush, painted it with a teal accent colour and left the paint to dry before peeling the masking tape off. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

new summer pieces.

Lots of new colourful vintage pieces in the store. Remember if you're based in Cork city or suburbs, use the code IMFROMCORKLIKE for free shipping ;)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

little green fingers.

Am I the only one that's finding it a bit cold when we're almost halfway through May?! I'm just looking for some heat, not even sunshine. Just so that I don't have to layer myself and Nancy up as we head out the door everyday. 
Despite the chilly evenings, I've decided to work on our back garden a little although we may be moving in the next few months. 
We potted a few plants this weekend and cleaned up the garden. It can be hard sometimes to be "house proud" in a rented space when it feels like you might be leaving behind all your hard work but at the same time, I wanted to introduce Nancy to gardening. 
Like most toddlers, Nancy loves playing with mud and water so she had lots of fun with the watering can and helping me plant some bulbs. 
But after it went on for a bit too long, this is what she was up to...

Just like exercise, I think delving into some gardening is good for the soul. Being outside, doing something productive and fun.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

nancy says.

After a night away and getting off the train, I was putting Nancy into the car and just before I did, she hugs me tightly and says...
Nancy: I'm so glad to see youuu!

While playing in Chuckies (a kids play zone), we were climbing up to the slide and she started making funny noises.
Nancy: Get me down Mama! I'm scared of heights!

On a slightly creepier note when you ask Nancy who her best friend is, she replies Tony. So one night up in my mums, we asked her a little bit about him.
Me: Where does Tony live?
Nancy: In the cow's house.
Me: Okaaay, and what does he look like?
Nancy: Googly eyes and a walking stick.

Nice one Nancy! I'm now actually terrified!

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