Friday, October 31, 2014

red riding hood & the big bad wolf.

Seeing as I made Little Nancy's Halloween costume last year, I said I better keep up this tradition. Handmade costumes are always my favourite anyway and when little people wear them, they're even cuter! I'm also a big fan of low budget DIY projects that don't take a week to complete! So here's my wolf costume DIY for Nancy:

Starting with the ears, I cut out two pieces of cardboard to keep the ears from flopping. Then I cut four pieces of brown furry fabric to cover all sides and glued them onto the cardboard. Next, I glued two small strips of fabric around the ends of both ears and the hairband to hold the ears in place.

For the body, I used one of her larger jumpers and traced an outline leaving out the sleeves. I made it slightly longer so she could just wear it with tights. I then hand sewed the back and front together at the shoulders and sides. Lastly, I cut a long strip for the tail and sewed one length and one end, turned it inside out and sewed it onto the back of the body.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

working for yourself by yourself.

Working for yourself by yourself is not all roses. There's no office parties and looking for that pay raise is a lot harder when you are your own boss! Here's a few tips I've gathered all the way that help me stay happy and healthy while being my own boss and working from home.

Talk to your family and friends about your ideas, goals or worries. They may not be part of your business but they know how much it means to you and if you ask for some advice you might get a new perspective on things. I bounce most of my ideas off my friends and family first and they've nearly always developed into better ideas with advice I got back.

Look around for inspiration. Online, in the park, while shopping. Whenever I do this, I usually begin work again more motivated with fresh ideas.

Set a routine. It doesn't have to be rigid but a routine will help you finish tasks. I have a dedicated few hours every week around midday where I try to take all the photographs for the online store. The natural light is the best at that time so it does make it easier to stick to this schedule but without that weekly routine in place, I know I would be way behind on stock photos.

Create a work space that's nicely decorated, spacious and clean. Sounds very obvious but sometimes working for yourself and from home, you don't always think you'll need a dedicated work space. You  probably do. Also, make sure you have a comfortable chair and the room is well lit.

Take a break. The extremely appealing factor that almost everyone thinks of first when you say you work for yourself, is the fact that you are your own boss and you can take a break whenever you feel like it but more often than not, you end up working late nights and weekends. Make sure to take a proper break from work every so often. You'll notice the mistakes or areas that need work less if you're head is always stuck in your work.

Enjoy it! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

three scarily easy halloween DIYs.

Bat garland:
You'll need a few sheets of felt, chalk, a scissors, sewing needle and black thread. First, with some chalk I drew a pretty simple outline of a bat onto the felt and cut it out. I repeated this step 4 times as I didn't need my garland too long. Next, using black thread I sewed the ends of each bat shape to each other until they were all joined up. Lastly, I sewed a short loop onto both ends of the garland for ease when hanging. Ta-dah!

Boo! pumpkin:
This very quick and easy (if you have a steady hand) DIY was my favourite out of this lot. You just need a pumpkin, a pencil, a small paintbrush and some blackboard paint (or normal black paint will do too.) First, I selected a fancy text in Photoshop (this one is Snell Roundhand) before painting the pumpkin. Then using a pencil I drew a rough outline of the word, in this case "Boo!" to make it a little easier when painting. Finally, I carefully painted in the letters and let it dry. Boo!

Glitter googly eyed jar:
For this quick DIY you just need an old jar, a small paintbrush, some glitter, a pair of stick-on googly eyes and some pva glue. First I mixed some glue and glitter together on a plate. Then I brushed this mixture onto the inside of the jar, added the stick-on goggly eyes and let the glue to dry before adding a tea light.

Happy homemade Halloween!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

life lately.

 Lots of cosy evenings inside, cold mornings spent at the park, post parcels as the busy season is starting and carrot cake...a lot of carrot cake.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 I have a love/hate relationship with clothes that are "on trend." The phrase even annoys me a little sometimes. If you're into fashion, there's a lot of pressure to constantly keep up. It's definitely one of the reasons I love vintage so much as clothing from decades past doesn't need to be in fashion. They're generally timeless pieces that will have you looking good all the time without breaking the bank every week. 
Saying that, if there's a style that I like that happens to be "on trend," I'll gladly jump on the bandwagon to own that piece of clothing! This leather jacket is one of those pieces. Who knows, it might stand the test of time and be one of my favourite vintage pieces in twenty years. 

Leather jacket -
Denim shirt - Vintage, Mercury Goes Retrograde
Check pencil skirt - Vintage, my store
Boots - Penneys

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

how photos are meant to be.

 Just a few days ago, we collected the disposable camera photos from our trip to the south of France. I really had forgotten the excitement involved in picking up our photos and going through each one in all it's unedited, unfiltered state! The three of us sat down in a cafe with hot chocolates looking through the photos and laughing at all the faces we're pulling in them. 
I'm going to start buying disposable cameras for holidays and special occasions more often. They're not perfect, there's the unflattering flash but it's a great feeling to actually touch them and put them into photo albums. It's how photos are meant to be.

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