Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nancy starts pre-school tomorrow and I'm an emotional wreck! She's going to the same pre-school I went to and she'll have the same lovely teacher as I did too. Best of luck Nancy Pants xxx

Tomorrow is the first day I won't know everything,
And you really have no idea, the worry it will bring. 

I'm sure the teacher will tell me if you graze or cut your knee,
But when it comes to wipe your tears, it really won't be me. 

Did you make a friend and did you play outside?
When the teacher went to wash your hands, did you run away and hide?

I'm sure that you will tell me it was fun and you played a game,
But just for those few hours, I'll worry all the same.

 I wish you have the best time, I'll miss you more than you'll know,
But now it's time, you're getting big so it's off to pre-school you go.

Cathy x

Monday, August 31, 2015

new home - exterior mood board & ideas.

I've shared a few mood boards of what I've been thinking for certain rooms in our new home (here & here) so today I thought I'd show you my inspiration for the exterior of the house. It is an old, one storey cottage and it's tiny so we're in the middle of building an extension onto it. 
I'm a big fan of having old and new side by side so a contemporary extension was always the plan from the beginning. There will be a lot of glass, clean lines and a touch of mid century style too. I think we'll keep with neutral colours and maybe give the front door and bold pop of colour.
 The past week or so, things have really sped up so I'll share some photos of the progress very soon. 

Cathy x

Thursday, August 27, 2015

nancy says.

Saying goodbye to me while pushing her buggy and doll...
Nancy: Bye bye Mama sister cousin, see you later!

Nancy's starting pre-school next week and it's the same pre-school I went to as a child (yeah, I'm gonna cry with all the feels!) and I was telling her that the teacher, Mary will read books to the children...
Me: When I was small, I loved hearing all the stories that Mary read.
Nancy (In a high pitched squeaky voice): Awww, she's so cuuuute!

While reading her a book that was a bit old fashioned and un-pc...
Me: This book is outdated.
Nancy: It's not a potato!

Cathy x

Saturday, August 22, 2015


 So in a bid to hold onto my crazy hair coloured days, I went a little mad with the pink dye this week. I went to my friends' wedding this weekend in West Cork (it was beautiful!) and here's what I wore...

Jumpsuit - Asos
Shoes - Penneys
Clutch - Penneys
Earrings - Topshop
Watch - Vintage

Cathy x

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

new home - our kitchen mood board & ideas.

Things are literally on the up with our new home as walls are being built in the extension this week and the overall shape and size of the house is starting to look very real. 
While all the hard physical work is going on, I've been spinning around the city, helping out sourcing both for the build and furniture. In between, I've spent a little bit of time on the kitchen design. I worked as a kitchen designer a few years ago so I'm bursting with ideas. The hard part is actually refining it down to one style.
Obviously, I'm an admirer of all things old school especially anything from the 1950's right up to the 1980's but I do tend to veer on the contemporary side of things when it comes to a kitchen. And luckily (for me!), Louis is pretty easy-going/ doesn't mind once the kitchen isn't pink too!
I like clean lines, a monochrome colour scheme with maybe a little bit of character or decorative details in a few areas. I'd also like to include wood somewhere in the design.
So here's what my kitchen mood board...

Cathy x

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

nancy says.

She's happy, stubborn, a little charmer, very independent and quite funny in my opinion! Here's what she's been saying lately...

Nancy: Mama, please can I have a hot chocolate?
Me: Maybe, if you're good.
Nancy: Oh please please beautiful lady, please!

While talking on the phone to Louis, I mentioned my sister Zita J whose now living in Toronto with her boyfriend so when I came off the phone...
Nancy: "ZitaJ and Parker are coming home from holidays after my little nap." 
Me: "Eh no but we might visit Zita J and Parker on their big holiday." 
Nancy: "Yay! Awwwesome!"

While visiting our new house which is pretty much a building site at the moment, she asks...
Nancy: Will it be finished tomorrow?
Me: Not tomorrow but soon.
Nancy: Ok. When I'm three?
Me: Yes.

Cathy x

Saturday, August 8, 2015

catching up.

I've been busy adding some vintage accessories to the store this week. I have lots of clothing to photograph and list in the store but things are hectic here with house renovations so I'm taking this weekend to catch up on everything.

Cathy x
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