Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 I have a love/hate relationship with clothes that are "on trend." The phrase even annoys me a little sometimes. If you're into fashion, there's a lot of pressure to constantly keep up. It's definitely one of the reasons I love vintage so much as clothing from decades past doesn't need to be in fashion. They're generally timeless pieces that will have you looking good all the time without breaking the bank every week. 
Saying that, if there's a style that I like that happens to be "on trend," I'll gladly jump on the bandwagon to own that piece of clothing! This leather jacket is one of those pieces. Who knows, it might stand the test of time and be one of my favourite vintage pieces in twenty years. 

Leather jacket -
Denim shirt - Vintage, Mercury Goes Retrograde
Check pencil skirt - Vintage, my store
Boots - Penneys

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

how photos are meant to be.

 Just a few days ago, we collected the disposable camera photos from our trip to the south of France. I really had forgotten the excitement involved in picking up our photos and going through each one in all it's unedited, unfiltered state! The three of us sat down in a cafe with hot chocolates looking through the photos and laughing at all the faces we're pulling in them. 
I'm going to start buying disposable cameras for holidays and special occasions more often. They're not perfect, there's the unflattering flash but it's a great feeling to actually touch them and put them into photo albums. It's how photos are meant to be.

Friday, October 3, 2014

plan b.

 I like to take photos for my outfit posts outside. The light is better and my house is generally not neat enough for super duper cool interior shots but since it was pouring down buckets today I cleaned up one room of the house (small steps!) and took the photos in my office space. Turns out, plan b can often turn out alright sometimes. I really like these "moody" photographs and they kinda reflect how I've been feeling this week!

Polo neck - Penneys
Floral skirt - Vintage
Ring - Vintage
Boots - Vintage

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oh Me, Oh My DIY! autumn workshop.

 We held our autumn Oh Me, Oh My DIY! workshop in the Flying Enterprise last Sunday and oh boy, was it a success! Myself, Jill & Leona had spent a few late nights, countless emails and copious amounts of coffee getting this workshop ready. I gotta say, it was a bit nerve wrecking on Sunday morning with just an hour before our attendees were to arrive and there was still a long list of things to do, signs to hang, supplies to buy but we pulled it off with the help of a few mentors just as the first attendees were arriving.
Jack from The Rocket Man started the day off with a pantry and pickling demo, followed by fashion designer Alice Halliday with a refashioning workshop. We then took a break for lunch and enjoyed a delicious and healthy lunch from The Rocket Man and then headed straight back into some more diy with a furniture upcycling lesson with Joanne from Kyle Lane. Since Aoife from Potty but Posh was a big hit the last time, she returned this time and taught everyone how to make their own whimsy. Before we headed into our last workshop of the day, we took a little break for some tea, coffee, apple and blackberry tart and then Jill of Wild Floral Couture did an awesome workshop making bouquets filled with foraged flowers and foliage. To finish up the day, we toasted our diys with some prosecco and elderflower juice and took lots of fun group photos.
The response we've had from attendees and onlookers on social media in the past few days has been unbelievable. It's scary and exciting to think this Oh Me, Oh My DIY! thing could be bigger than the three of us ever planned but we're already planning our winter workshop on the 7th December.

Here's a little video of last Sunday (my first attempt at video and editing). I hope you like it!

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