Thursday, May 5, 2016

WeddingDates office revamp.

Recently I was asked by Ciara from WeddingDates to update their new office space as the rooms were a little dated and lacking character. They were under a tight schedule with moving from the old to the new office space so sketching out ideas and mood boards to sourcing and painting to the finishing touches took just seven days! Take a look...

I wanted the space to feel young and inspiring so colourful furniture, a graffiti wall and geometric designs were a definite from day one. 

 The entry room needs the biggest impact and a nod to the company in an office space so we gave it just that. I designed and painted a geometric pattern using the WeddingDates logo colours and a white base. Keeping these grey retro style chairs was a no-brainer as they work perfectly with the colourful (slightly 1980's!) wall design. 

The opposite wall of the entry room was a bit more relaxed. I decided on a gallery wall displaying some of WeddingDates press articles, awards etc. The worn and grubby chairs only needed some TLC so I reupholstered them (not an easy DIY!) with fabric bought on our Ikea trip. 

The boardroom was the next challenge. It was a very boring space to begin with but provided a perfect blank canvas for some graffiti art (by artist Damien Suen). The boardroom will function as an area where a lot of brainstorming will happen so I wanted the space to be inspiring and energetic. The addition of mismatched colourful chairs from Ikea helped create a young and lively space as opposed to a dull boardroom.
All the offices were revamped a little as well as the kitchen and all this was done in just a few days with the help of Ciara's friends and family. (Shout-out to my mum for doing some painting too!)

Overall I'm super chuffed with how it turned and so is Ciara. I hadn't taken on an interior design project for a client in a few years so it was great to get back into it as well as get hands-on with some DIY too.

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