Saturday, May 7, 2016

DIY projects for a lazy weekend.

Weekends are all about lie-ins, big breakfasts, a few cocktails and catching up with friends, sleep and house chores usually. They should really be a bit longer because by Sunday I feel like I wasted most of it just pottering around! So I've put together a list of totally achievable and not too costly DIYs that you could fit into your Saturday and Sunday without missing out on cocktails or brunch. 

 Let's start with my most recent project for our home. This "confetti art" hanging in our bedroom cost 75 cents as I already had a stash of confetti from workshops. A large A2 size sheet of paper, some pritt stick and randomly but carefully placed confetti, in whatever pattern you like. I had an empty Ikea frame waiting to be filled so the cost of this project including all supplies will be a bit more than 75 cents if you're starting from scratch but for the colourful and fun impact to your wall, it'll be so worth it.

 When I bought this chest of drawers, it was already missing 3 knobs so immediately a bit of colour popped into my head. I picked up a set of 6 wooden knobs in Woodies a few months back for under €5 and used some paint I already had at home. This piece of furniture is a bit eclectic already with the different finish on the top drawer so I thought these little random pops of colour suited this piece quite well. Screw them in once the paint is dry and you're done!

When we were moving in, I made a trip to Ikea and had a very long and specific list but didn't anticipate that they'd be sold out of the copper pendants. So instead I bought the cream ones (which were cheaper anyway) and sprayed them with a copper spray paint. Go for a matt finish for a more authentic look.

This one might take a few hours but it's totally worth it for the finished product. Get all the steps to the wooden headboard DIY here.

Nancy's polkadot wall. This was a project I was dreading but actually was quite therapeutic in the end! That's probably got something to do with my mild OCD but if you wanna try it out all the steps and info is here.

Add some colour to your kitchen or dining wooden chairs. Sand and clean them before and with one can of spray paint you can cover one chair. Use a clear gloss sealer over the paint if you like but spray paint is pretty hard wearing.

Give this rug wall hanging a go. It's super duper easy and the supplies costs the same as Sunday brunch. Get all the steps for this DIY here.

Similar to my dilemma with the copper Ikea pendants, I wanted something with a little bit of colour for our hallway ceiling light. I picked up this stainless steel pendant in B&Q for €9 and added a bright yellow stripe to the end. Some masking tape to keep your stripe neat and tidy and you'll have this DIY done in minutes.


Cathy x

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