Tuesday, March 29, 2016

new home - bathroom.

 So today I'm sharing photos of our bathroom. It was the first room I had planned out in my head, even before we bought the house. I suppose I have a thing for bathrooms and I think they reflect the overall vibe of a home (or any establishment for that matter). Before buying anything for our bathroom or deciding on a final design, I had three goals: the bathroom suite had to be a colour (not white!), I wanted to have wallpaper on some or all walls and lastly, I wanted to satisfy my love for all things 1980's/tropicana/ Palm Springs. And I think I succeeded. Take a look...

 I searched for about 6 months for a full pink bathroom suite. In the end, I had to drive to a farmhouse in Kilkenny. The family were throwing out their bathroom suite and I paid a whopping €40 for it! 

We stayed a little contemporary with the tiles and chose white beveled subway tiles for the bath and sink area. We used a piece of scaffolding left over from building as our shelf over our sink. We just sanded it down and gave it two coats of clear varnish. The beautiful Art Deco style mirror was a gift from my aunt. 
The wallpaper is Cole & Son's. It's not cheap but after saving with so many other elements in the bathroom we splashed out a little here. 

In keeping with the tropicana theme, I added some finishing touches such as cacti, a cactus print, a pineapple and flamingos.

And what's a room tour without a before and after shot eh?!

Do I smile every time I take a shower or tinkle? Yes. Yes I do!

Cathy x


  1. Yes for coloured bathroom suites!!
    Wow Cathy that looks amazing...just so well thought out and finished...you did well ;)
    And the mirror is pretty ace.

    1. Thanks Carol! That mirror is even better in real life!! xx

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