Thursday, March 17, 2016

nancy says.

I haven't done a Nancy says in a while and seeing as she has a whole lot more to say these days, I'll share a few of her best ones!

Trying to book our next family holiday...
Nancy: Ok, I'll help you get money so we can go on holidays again.
Me: Well we'd need a really big bag of money cause the tickets are expensive.
Nancy: Ok, I can help you put all the money in a bag and we'll put it on the airplane.

Nancy: Is it my birthday tomorrow?
Me; No it's in September.
Nancy: Ok, in a few days I'll be 4.
Me: Um, yeah...

Me: Ok it's time for bed.
Nancy: Two seconds Mama, I just gotta make you a potion.
(Still very obsessed with Hocus Pocus)

Cathy x

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