Sunday, March 6, 2016

diy dining table - three ways.

When planning the extension of our new house, the dining table came into play way earlier than I expected or planned. Due to the open plan idea of the kitchen/dining/living space, the rough plan for the dining table had to be decided upon quite early. Unfortunately, nothing took my fancy or suited our space so I decided I'd make our table. 
As I worked as a kitchen designer a few years ago, I have a good bit of knowledge when it comes to space solutions and ergonomics. I had already designed the plan for our kitchen and this included an island (something that definitely makes the kitchen space more sociable) but this took away a lot of the space dedicated to our dining area. So after I scrapped the idea of a circular dining table, I thought the best idea was to have a rectangular dining table that would blend well into the island but also look great as a separate piece of furniture. 

 Most of the time, our dining table is in this position, pressed right up to the island. It's perfect for breakfast, lunch or when I want to work at night while having the tv on in the background.

 Occasionally we pull the table out for special occasions and to seat a guest or two for dinner. We get the maximum space from the table with this layout. 

 This layout is ideal for our family of three for dinner time without taking over the floor space while having enough elbow room to dig in! 

Making the table was quite easy surprisingly! I bought the metal hairpin legs from Ebay and bought a 40mm thick piece of mdf from a builders providers. I screwed the legs into each corner, leaving a little overhang at each end and painted the mdf with an undercoat and white gloss paint. 

One of my proudest diys to date and probably the most used!

Cathy x

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  1. Neat and clean work. i just love everything you do, it's all just so quirky and makes me smile! so glad you shared :)