Tuesday, February 9, 2016

wooden headboard diy.

Since the beginning of January I've been itching to get stuck into the rest of our house especially our bedroom. I'm lying awake at night looking around the room at what I could do next! I've made our curtains (really basic but light and airy) and so next on my list was a headboard (after the pallet bed idea was a failure! Word of advice: Don't do it unless you know for sure the pallets are not treated with any chemicals that make them toxic to have in your home).
So on Sunday, I took advantage of the rainy afternoon and had a rummage out in the garage. Luckily we have lots of scrap wood left from building the last few months but this diy project is not about new and shiny wood anyway. The grubbier the better...once it's clean!

Start by measuring the width of your bed base. As I was using 9"x1"s which are quite wide, I just went for two rows for the full height. Using a hand saw I cut two strips and sanded down the edges. Next I measured two pieces of skirting board we had left over to secure the 9"x1"s together as well as fixing it to the bed base. These pieces need to be longer than the height of the mattress to meet the frame of the bed base. Then I sanded down the 9"x1"s on all sides and applied two coats of clear varnish. When this was dry I screwed the skirting board pieces into the 9"x1"s and into the bed base, making sure I screwed into the wooden frame inside the base. And that's it!

Cathy x

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