Thursday, February 25, 2016

in my suitcase.

So we're off on a short holiday next week to Spain. Just a few nights but I plan to fit in as much as possible as we all need a change of scenery around here after a hectic few months.
I'm one of those weirdos that actually enjoys packing so I've started already. As we're only bringing carry on luggage, I have to get a little selective about what I'm packing. 
When it comes to my carry on, it'll be a mix of both vintage and new. This can get a bit tricky sometimes when planning outfits as most of my vintage clothes are brightly coloured or patterned (although I'm not a fan of the matchy matchy look anyway!)
During the day, I'll probably wear my trusty vintage Levi shorts and a t-shirt so I wanna get a bit dolled up for the evenings! 

So here's the plan: 
6 items of clothing, 2 pair of shoes = 4 outfits
Vintage hot pink pencil skirt
Vintage black sequins top
Primark patterned trousers
Vintage striped blouse (my new favourite purchase from this shop on
Vintage green pencil skirt
Vintage floral print cropped top
Primark black heels
New Look silver sandals

Some might say this method is similar to a "capsule wardrobe" but I find that idea boring and a bit restricted. So  here's my tips for packing light and getting at least 4 full outfits outta your case...

1. Choose blocks of colour in your items
2. Choose at least one neutral top or bottoms 
3. Choose just 1 or 2 pattern/print pieces

Now, all I've left to do is pack Nancy's little case but I have a feeling she's not too fussed about what she wears!

Cathy x

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  1. Thanks for sharing your packing tips! It's always a challenge to pack with just hold luggage to play with!