Tuesday, January 5, 2016

new home - nancy's bedroom.

 Nancy's bedroom is the second room in the house to be fully finished. (Check out the kitchen here.) I started on this room first but have been chopping and changing things a little over the past few weeks. Her room is situated in the old cottage part of the house so I definitely wanted to keep the decor a little traditional but with some fresh and colourful ideas. 
We chose a very understated light wood coloured laminate flooring in the bedrooms and as we painted all the walls white in the house (for now!), Nancy's room was really a blank canvas to start with. 
As so much of her toys, blankets, little pieces of furniture are bright and colourful, I went for a black and white polkadot feature wall (read this DIY here) and I found an old black cast iron hospital bed on DoneDeal for a steal! Oh ya, turns out the guy who sold me the bed was the nephew of the couple who sold us the house, how Irish! 
Her wardrobe was a whopping €25 in CJM furniture as it had a big scrap across the door, so I just sanded it down and varnished it again. I have serious wardrobe envy now! Her treasure trunk was originally in my childhood bedroom and is pretty darn old. 
The rest of the decor is a lot of DIYs I've made for her over the past three years including her dollhouse and her play cooker. I recently reupholstered her little armchair that you can see in the photos below, I'll share a blog post on that too soon. 

 I shared a photo on my Instagram account of Nancy's room before and after a few weeks ago but I think the truer version would be a before shot of the room the day we bought it...

 Ya don't worry, we kept that light fixture :)

Cathy x


  1. This might be the great suggestion for me to decorate my son's room.

  2. Wow! Great effort for your kids. It's a successful project I think. All wall pictures are looking really awesome. Thanks for sharing this inspirational article. Your kids are really lucky.
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  4. Wow what a nice bedroom.It is no surprise that children spend most of their time in bedroom. So, their bedroom should be more organized. I think the decoration of kids bedroom reflect the parents design sense. By the way, love the wall shelf containing toys.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm going to have to try this with my girls!