Monday, December 21, 2015

cheap and cheerful napkin ideas.

We're hosting Christmas dinner in our new home this year (pressure!!) so I've been thinking a bit about the table decor and place settings. As we're on a tight budget these days because of the house renovations, I have to get a little creative with the contents of my craft supplies drawer and kitchen so I thought I'd share a few napkin ideas that I created for free (or can be created for very little if you need to gather a few things).

 So before I started, I used a table cloth that I had and cut it into 6 napkin sized pieces and stitched up the raw edges. 

For a simple but pretty place setting, a little snip from the Christmas tree, a cinnamon stick from the kitchen and a piece of twine tied in a bow.

 I picked up these gold and white paper straws in Tiger a few weeks ago for one or two euro. I used another cinnamon stick and created little name tags from my craft supplies, using the twine attached to tie them all together. 

A sliced of dried apple, a paper straw and a piece of sticky felt cut into a little Christmas tree shape, tied together with a piece of twine. 

Hope everyone's enjoying the build up and preparations. 5 more sleeps!

Cathy x

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