Thursday, November 19, 2015

polka dot wall diy.

 I've had it in my mind to have a polkadot wall in Nancy's room since before we even looked at this house! I decided on a black and white colour scheme for her room as so much of her toys and accessories I had already bought (and hoarded!) for her were colourful. I found these wall decals on Etsy a few months ago and had been waiting for the moment that I could use them as I knew they'd make an instant improvement. 

With wall decals I think it's all about planning and measuring before you go for it. They do peel off easily but you'll make your job a lot easier if you plan out your pattern beforehand. 
So firstly I measured the wall to be polkadotted and divided it up according to the amount of dots I had. A little sketch helped a lot to double check I had enough decals. I chose a staggered pattern as I think it looks easier on the eye and using a level and a measuring tape put little pencil marks on the wall, placing the dots one row at a time. Every second row ended with a half polkadot in the corner so I just cut them in half so as not to throw off the pattern. 
It only took 2 hours to complete and the result is well worth it. And the occupier is pretty happy with the result too. Score!

Cathy x

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