Thursday, November 26, 2015

pimp my fridge diy.

 When any family or friends offered us their hand-me-downs when we were moving in, we always said yes. As we were warned, your budget goes quite quickly when building or renovating but I wasn't ready to compromise on the interior and finishing details just because we were broke!

So as you can see above, we were gifted a pretty standard freestanding fridge freezer. It works perfectly and is only a couple of years old but I wanted to change it's look...and cheaply! 

I had heard of appliance paint before but didn't know if it was any good so I was a little nervous. I picked up two cans of own brand appliance spray paint in B&Q. I went for a metallic colour with a gloss finish but you can get a few different colours and finishes in that range.
After I covered all the surfaces around me including the floor underneath the fridge, I gave it a quick clean on the doors, handles and two sides. I also covered the rubber seals on the doors with masking tape as I was afraid the paint would crack on the seals over time. Then I applied the first coat of paint. When using spray paint, make sure to shake the can well first and keep the nozzle about 20cm away from the surface you're spraying and move at a steady but quick pace to avoid dripping paint. 
After one coat I waited 3 hours before applying a second coat and again, another three hours before the final coat. 

 Would I recommend pimping your fridge with appliance paint? 
Yes! Absolutely! But only if you use spray paint (so you don't see any brush strokes) and take your time when applying each coat so that it looks super profesh! 

Cathy x

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