Friday, October 23, 2015

new roots, new boots.

 It's been the craziest few months ever. What started out as a small renovation of our little cottage ended up pretty much a self build from the ground up. In all the years watching Grand Designs, I never thought I'd actually be one of those people (on a much smaller scale though!)
Next week is our last week in our first home and saying goodbye will be bittersweet. Putting down new roots in our very own home, a little bit out in the countryside feels exciting...but also scary, overwhelming, stressful and all the other emotions! 
But it's mainly exciting. I'm in love with the area around our house. It's quite picturesque and reminds me of my childhood home. 
So here's my first outfit post outside our new home in my shiny new Doc Martens, courtesy of I haven't taken them off since I got them! 

Cable knit cardigan - Vintage, my store
Playsuit - Vintage 
Doc Martens -
Scarf - Vintage, my store

Cathy x

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