Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nancy starts pre-school tomorrow and I'm an emotional wreck! She's going to the same pre-school I went to and she'll have the same lovely teacher as I did too. Best of luck Nancy Pants xxx

Tomorrow is the first day I won't know everything,
And you really have no idea, the worry it will bring. 

I'm sure the teacher will tell me if you graze or cut your knee,
But when it comes to wipe your tears, it really won't be me. 

Did you make a friend and did you play outside?
When the teacher went to wash your hands, did you run away and hide?

I'm sure that you will tell me it was fun and you played a game,
But just for those few hours, I'll worry all the same.

 I wish you have the best time, I'll miss you more than you'll know,
But now it's time, you're getting big so it's off to pre-school you go.

Cathy x

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