Wednesday, September 9, 2015

nancy says.

Yeah so turns out Nancy is quite outspoken and a little bossy at preschool. The teacher seems to be getting a laugh from her and I'm glad someone is for a few hours a week!

When collecting her on her second day, I walked in the door to find her sitting on a chair facing the other children. She held the book up, pointed at a page and said... 
"Now children, can anyone tell me what this is?"
(Good luck lads, she's all yours!!)

While Nancy was brushing my hair the other day...
Me: Are you finished yet Nancy?
Nancy: Not yet. Your hair is still a bit hairy. I must make you beautiful.

Going through the details of her birthday party...
Me: And what colour do you want your birthday cake?
Nancy (shouts): Pink! With sparkles on it. 
(I officially give up on the gender neutral stuff, she's a girly girl.)

Cathy x

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