Wednesday, August 5, 2015

new home - bathroom & nancy's bedroom.

We're still only in the early stages of renovating our new home and right now there's not much to show us beside rubble and holes in walls! It's an old cottage (about 100 years old) and we're building a small modern extension onto it while keeping the character of the cottage to create a nice visual contrast. 
So while everyone else (mainly family members!) is getting stuck into the dirty work, I'm putting together mood boards of different rooms in the house and thinking about flooring and lighting plans. I'll get my hands dirty once the heavy lifting stops!
I've had my mind set on a pink bathroom suite for a good while now and have been trying to source one for the past two weeks. Last Saturday I bought a secondhand pink basin and toilet and just today I found a pink bath. Score! A lot of people don't seem to get the appeal and Louis is a bit hesitant about having a salmon pink bathroom but I'll convince 'em yet!
Here's the best representation of the mood board floatin' around in my brain for the bathroom...

Moving onto Nancy's room. As this house needs to feel homely and comfortable for Nancy to help her settle in, I'll probably decorate her room first. Again, I've already been on the hunt for some items for her room and I managed to find a beautiful old cast iron bed for her on DoneDeal (this website is the best!) 
Her room won't be very big so I'm aiming for light and airy with the toys and storage bringing most of the colour to the room. Here's what I'm thinking...
So for now, my jobs are sourcing cheap/old/vintage/secondhand items of furniture and fittings for the house and beginning the declutter of our current house to make things easier for the actual move. 
I'll be back with more mood boards and maybe some pictures of the destruction and chaos that's happening there at the moment!

Cathy x


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