Tuesday, August 11, 2015

nancy says.

She's happy, stubborn, a little charmer, very independent and quite funny in my opinion! Here's what she's been saying lately...

Nancy: Mama, please can I have a hot chocolate?
Me: Maybe, if you're good.
Nancy: Oh please please beautiful lady, please!

While talking on the phone to Louis, I mentioned my sister Zita J whose now living in Toronto with her boyfriend so when I came off the phone...
Nancy: "ZitaJ and Parker are coming home from holidays after my little nap." 
Me: "Eh no but we might visit Zita J and Parker on their big holiday." 
Nancy: "Yay! Awwwesome!"

While visiting our new house which is pretty much a building site at the moment, she asks...
Nancy: Will it be finished tomorrow?
Me: Not tomorrow but soon.
Nancy: Ok. When I'm three?
Me: Yes.

Cathy x

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