Thursday, July 30, 2015

nancy says.

In just a few weeks little Nancy turns three. Like all parents, I find it extremely hard to believe that she isn't a little baby anymore and sometimes I have to stand back and really look at her to realise how tall she's gotten and how independent she seems to be. 

After her bath recently, I was cutting her fingernails which she hates so I was chatting away to distract her.
Me: You know your nails grow faster in the summertime?
Nancy: I wanna grow big now. 
(That got me right in the feels to be honest!)

While reading a book the other night about baby rabbits, the inevitable happened...
Nancy: Where did the baby come from?
Me: The mummy rabbit's belly.
Nancy: No Mama, that's where the food goes. The baby rabbit came out of her bedroom!

Ok, let's just keep that innocence going for another few years please!

Cathy x

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