Thursday, July 16, 2015

nancy says.

This not so little bundle of joy keeps cracking me up lately. She must have got her awesome sense of humour from her mother ;)

Nancy: Where's the fly gone?
Me: Out the door.
Nancy: Home to his Mama?
Me: Yeah.
Nancy: He's gone home to eat ahgusting (disgusting) things like horrible food.

Nancy and Louis were in the toilets in a cafe the other day.
Nancy: Leave me alone Dada, I'm doing my poos!

So remember Tony, Nancy's creepy imaginary friend? Well, there's a new guy around, Paddy. 
Me: Where does Paddy live?
Nancy: In a rock pool.
Me: Ok weird. What age is he?
Nancy: He's old.

Then a few days later, we were in my bedroom talking and she points over to the graveyard that you can just about see from the window...
Nancy: There's Paddy's house. 

Yet again, little Nancy has managed to scare the complete crap outta me! 

Cathy x

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