Friday, May 22, 2015

nancy says.

Look at those big round eyes! A Nancy Says is long overdue so here's what this little toddler's been saying lately...

Watching Beauty and the Beast...
Nancy: Aww the monster's sad. When's he gonna turn into a Dad?

Nancy: I don't like jellies and tomatoes.
Me: Really? I love tomatoes. 
Nancy: Me either!

Playing outside in the garden, looking for insects.
Nancy: Mama, look there's a snail!
Me: Oh cool! What's his name?
Nancy: I dunno. He's my brother. 

Out of nowhere...
Nancy: I'm not four yet.
Me: Ok...
Nancy: When's my party?
Me: Eh, not for a year and a half.
Nancy: Ok. We'll have cake and sandwiches. 

I try to imagine the things going through her head when she comes out with some of these things. The little weirdo :)

Cathy x

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