Thursday, May 7, 2015

nancy says.

After a night away and getting off the train, I was putting Nancy into the car and just before I did, she hugs me tightly and says...
Nancy: I'm so glad to see youuu!

While playing in Chuckies (a kids play zone), we were climbing up to the slide and she started making funny noises.
Nancy: Get me down Mama! I'm scared of heights!

On a slightly creepier note when you ask Nancy who her best friend is, she replies Tony. So one night up in my mums, we asked her a little bit about him.
Me: Where does Tony live?
Nancy: In the cow's house.
Me: Okaaay, and what does he look like?
Nancy: Googly eyes and a walking stick.

Nice one Nancy! I'm now actually terrified!

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