Saturday, May 9, 2015

little green fingers.

Am I the only one that's finding it a bit cold when we're almost halfway through May?! I'm just looking for some heat, not even sunshine. Just so that I don't have to layer myself and Nancy up as we head out the door everyday. 
Despite the chilly evenings, I've decided to work on our back garden a little although we may be moving in the next few months. 
We potted a few plants this weekend and cleaned up the garden. It can be hard sometimes to be "house proud" in a rented space when it feels like you might be leaving behind all your hard work but at the same time, I wanted to introduce Nancy to gardening. 
Like most toddlers, Nancy loves playing with mud and water so she had lots of fun with the watering can and helping me plant some bulbs. 
But after it went on for a bit too long, this is what she was up to...

Just like exercise, I think delving into some gardening is good for the soul. Being outside, doing something productive and fun.

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