Saturday, May 30, 2015

life lately.

Life lately has been mostly good. Potty training little Nancy is going well. My Etsy store is going well especially considering the time of year (I find May to August not too busy usually) and we're just a week away to our next Oh Me, Oh My DIY! workshop, our first one on the road in fact! There's actually a few places left if you'd like to join us for a day of DIY, desserts and chattering.
Despite the crappy weather, we've managed to sneak in a few picnics when it hasn't been raining and myself and Louis have even squeezed in a few date nights in the slightly warmer evenings. 
All I'm looking for is the days to get a little sunnier to start making some trips to the beach. 

Cathy x


  1. Love photographs they tell a story sometimes even better than words X Marie X thebeautmum