Tuesday, May 19, 2015

how to shop on etsy.

So being a seller on Etsy, often I end up browsing myself. Whether I'm aimlessly browsing or looking for a dress for a special occasion, Etsy is one of my go to places when shopping. I mainly shop the vintage sections and sometimes the handmade items too. I've found many a vintage gem along with a few poor purchases along the way. After a few years of being a seller and customer on this platform, here are my tips for how to shop on Etsy. 

Be specific but not too specific.
If you're looking for a 1950's red polka dot dress, type that in. There's so many sellers on Etsy these days that you'll get a good result most of the time when you're looking for something specific. Just don't be too specific by searching for too many details or you'll end up at a dead end. 

Favourite that shop fast!
If you happen to stumble upon a shop with some amazing pieces, favourite it straight away! I do this now but at the start I used to forget to bookmark those awesome shops and never remember what they were called when I went back to browse their stores. Now I make sure to click the little heart next to the shop and my home feed is filled with lots of temptations everyday!

Read the description. 
Before purchasing a piece of clothing, I make sure to read the size description as well as the measurements the seller provides. If the seller doesn't provide their own measurements along with the size on the label, I would be quite hesitant to make the purchase.

Look for a discount code. 
Before you purchase that amazing-have-to-have-it-seventies-suede-skirt, take a look at the shop's info at the top of their page. Maybe they have a summer sale on and are providing all customers with a 20% off discount code. If not, you could even send them a quick message and ask if there are any discounts available at the time. They often say yes. As a seller myself, I do a lot of the time.

Shop local.
Just like in the real world, there's an option to shop local on Etsy. You can refine your search by entering in the city or country you're living in, see what's available to you and more than likely your shipping costs will be a lot lower too.

Happy Etsy shopping!

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