Thursday, May 14, 2015

clay jewellery bowl diy.

 These days, I tend to wear the same few pieces of jewellery everyday so I needed a small jewellery holder for my bedside locker. This DIY project only takes 15-20 minutes if you exclude the drying time of 24 hours! And it's super cheap too. 

So first I took a small lump of air hardening clay and kneaded it into a ball and used a little bit of water to soften it. Then using a rolling pin flattened it out in a circle with a thickness of 3mm. Turning a bowl upside down, I placed it over the clay and cut the desired shape. 

Then I carefully placed the circular piece of clay in a larger bowl and used a spoon to help recreate the curved shape. I left it to dry for 24 hours. 
When it was dry, I used an acrylic spray paint on the entire bowl in metallic silver. (You can use some sandpaper to smooth out the edges before painting if you don't like the rough edges). Once the paint was dry I sectioned off a small piece with masking tape. Using a small paintbrush, painted it with a teal accent colour and left the paint to dry before peeling the masking tape off. 


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