Wednesday, April 22, 2015

nancy says.

I'm really glad I started this little feature on the blog. It's so hard to remember some of the things she comes out with so every so often I jot them down to document them here. 

While trying on one of my hats...
Nancy: I'm going, byyyeee!
Me: Where are you going?
Nancy: To the moon.
Me: What are you gonna do there?
Nancy: Jump.

Scoffing a tub of chocolate ice-cream...
Nancy: This black ice-cream is very delicious.

For about two weeks now, Nancy has been watching a dead ladybird stuck in a cobweb in our back garden...
Nancy: Mama, the ladybird is still asleep.

While out for a walk, I climbed onto the curb she was standing on...
Nancy: Get off my silly station, you cheeky little monkey!

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