Saturday, April 4, 2015

nancy says.

So we had a pretty eventful (and quite scary) week. Nancy came down with a vomiting bug and after 5 days of not keeping anything down (apologises, but there's no way to make this sound pretty!) we had to take her to hospital as she was completely dehydrated and in need of some extra help. Thankfully we spent just two nights there and she's at home again and on the mend. So this week's Nancy say's is mainly about conversations we've had with her to tell her that she can't eat or trying to get fluids into her. 

Me: Nancy, please just drink a little bit of this water.
Nancy (shouting): No Mama! It's too dicafult!

Lying in the hospital bed after just being sick...
Nancy: I want pizza and cake pleeease!

And a half an hour later...
Nancy: Mama, ask the doctor for toast pleeease!

After licking a lollipop for the first time this morning (she's always been a bit suspicious of them!), she starts jumping up and down...
Nancy: I'm so happy now!

A bit heartbreaking really when I look back at this now but fingers crossed she'll be digging into some chocolate tomorrow and as happy as ever.

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