Thursday, March 12, 2015

pastel pink.

I love a love/hate affair with all pastel colours. Somedays, I can't stand them and think they look washed out and other days, I love their softness and femininity. Naturally, the best thing to do with someone who is a little fickle about a certain colour is to dye their hair! 
It is only semi-permanent though and let's hope when I do get sick of it I go quite quickly go back to the way I was before. Fingers crossed. 

Pastel pink top - Vintage
Name necklace - gift
Pencil skirt - Vintage, my store
Boots - Penneys

This last photo reminds me a little of those cheesy stock photos, which reminds me of this genius photoshoot! Enjoy!


  1. Slightly off topic but I love the diamond tiles in the background!

    1. Off topic but a very valid point :) They're amazing, wish I could take them with me when we leave!