Monday, March 9, 2015

nancy's reworked dress diy.

 Since Christmas, Nancy's wardrobe has needed some attention so while sorting through everything last week, I came across this cute cream top with a peter pan collar and a pale pink tulle skirt. She has a growing collection of these shades in her wardrobe so I decided to give these two pieces . Here's what I did:
First I gathered together some colourful accessories including an iron-on motif, some pom-pom fringing and two colourful buttons. 
Starting with the iron-on owl motif, I positioned it on the front of the top, lay a damp cloth over the motif and pressed the iron down very firmly for 30 seconds until secure. 

 Next, I cut the long sleeves into mid length sleeves, rolled them up twice and sewed a button onto the outside of each sleeve. I did another quick stitch on the inside of the sleeve to keep the folds in place.
Lastly, I pinned the pom pom fringing to the outer layer of tulle on the skirt and using a sewing machine, sewed on the fringe with a zigzag stitch. 

And that's it! Originally I wanted to make this into a dress but it really makes more sense to have them as two separate pieces that she can also wear together. 

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