Wednesday, February 11, 2015

pipe cleaner toddler crown diy.

pipe cleaner crown diy

 I've seen a few pictures lately of pipe cleaner crafts online and kinda fell for the pipe cleaner crowns on Pinterest. Little Nancy is quite snotty and stuffed up (again!) this week so to cheer her up I wanted to make her a little crown and we bought face paints too just because! (Side note: I almost left the house last night to go swimming with whiskers and a little cat nose painted on my face! Thankfully, I'm a little vain so I looked in the mirror before I left!)
All you need for this DIY is a handful of pipe cleaners (gold or silver might work best for a crown) and a pair of scissors.
Start with the base, wrap the ends of two lengths together to make a full circle. 
Next, decide on the style of crown you want. (I went for an easy and quick minimal look as I had a toddler running around me at the time!) Cut down a few pipe cleaners into shorter lengths and bend each one into a point.
Wrap the ends of these lengths around the base of the crown and cover just the front of the base or go all the way around. 
Snip away any loose ends. You'll probably have to reshape it a little at the end. 
Add some pom-poms, jewels or feathers for a fancier crown if you are that way inclined!

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