Thursday, February 12, 2015

nancy says.

This week has all been about dressing up and face painting. With a new ballerina dress (I pushed for the gender neutral toys but the girl is girly!) and a palette of messy face paints, we've been tigers, cats, princesses and ballerinas all week.

Having said that, she can still be a bit rude (where does she get that from?!)...
Me: What's your bunny rabbit doing?
Nancy: A big stinky fart!

Me: Whose your best friend?
Nancy: Tony!
(Note - we don't know a Tony and Nancy has never met a Tony but this is her answer all the time so it's a bit creepy or imaginative, whatever way you wanna look at it!)

Nancy: Mama, I want to be ballerina. Get my dress!
I go get her dress and put it on her.
Me: Oh look, you are a ballerina!
Nancy: No I'm not Mama, I'm just little.

As you can see from our conversations, she's a little bossy and quite independent but I wouldn't have her any other way!

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