Tuesday, February 3, 2015

nancy says.

This little legend is keeping me on my toes lately. She's knows what she wants and is never afraid to ask, again and again...and again! Sometimes it's hard but she's coming out with some gems to keep me laughing through the day.

While in the kids' swimming pool, she was pretending to be a fireman (I must introduce her to the lifeguard concept!) so I was pretending to need her help from drowning...
Me: Help! Help!
Nancy: Don't worry Mama, I've got you. Stand back everyone!
Me: Thanks Fireman Nancy.
Nancy: I'm not a fireman, I'm just Nancy.

Teaching her how to answer all the important questions...
Me: What's your name?
Nancy: Nancy Angelini.
Me: What age are you?
Nancy: Cork.
Me: No, what age are you?
Nancy: Cork, Ireland!

Louis comes in the door while myself and my sister are playing with Nancy...
Nancy: Dada! Thank God you're here!

Cheers for the last one Nancy. You only get away with it cause you're cute!

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