Thursday, February 19, 2015

dressing up.

Maybe it's the fact that I was told I was having a boy when I was pregnant and then getting lots of baby boy clothes and gifts that I dressed Nancy in very middle of the road clothes for about two years. 
Or maybe it's the fact that I tried to practise a gender neutral approach when it came to choosing toys, colours in her room and outfits for her but this girl is fighting the system along with her sparkly handbag by her side! 
She will always comment on anything I wear that's on the girlie side, usually "ooh Mama, tat's luffly!" When we're in a shop she will nearly always head for the pinks and sparkles, whether it's toys or clothes although she'll never pass up a good fire truck. She loves dressing up and prancing around saying she's a ballerina!
Clothes are quite important to me (if you haven't already guessed!) so more than likely Nancy will follow in my footsteps, or maybe she won't! Who knows? Either way, I'm abandoning my gender neutral parenting and heading straight for the sequins and skirts in her wardrobe every morning. 

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