Tuesday, January 6, 2015

rug wall hanging diy.

 Last summer I bought this cute rug from the Carolyn Donnelly section at Dunnes Stores. For just €12, I couldn't leave this colourful little rug go although we had nowhere really to put it in our house. So during a new year's cleaning session the other day (that lasted about 20 minutes!), I found this beauty again and straight away had an idea for it as the absence of our Christmas tree had left a very bare and lonely corner in our living room. Here's yet another cheap and relatively easy DIY project:

So first I picked up a wooden dowel and some light coloured rope in B&Q for just a few euro. 

 Laying out the rug flat on the floor, I measured how much I'd need to cut from the dowel, taking in mind room for hanging the rope on either side. Using a hand saw I cut off the excess and sanded down the edges. 

 Then with each tassel on one end of the rope I tied a double knot around the dowel. Lastly, I cut a short length from the rope, tied a knot at both ends of the dowel and hung it up in our bare and lonely corner! Ta-dah!

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