Friday, January 9, 2015

nancy says.

If I had to pick a favourite age in little Nancy's life so far it's the stage we're at right now (I think I've said this before). I do miss the tiny baby stage but to be honest, that could be a little boring sometimes whereas this girl cracks me up a lot at the moment and I need to share what she's coming out with. I have to admit, I've robbed this idea from this great blogger but it is such a good idea to document all the funny things toddlers say on a daily basis. Who knows, maybe I'm one of those mothers who thinks everything my child does is funny/cute/clever, nonetheless here's a few things she's been saying this week...

Me: What colour are my eyes?
Nancy: Green.
Me: What colour are your eyes?
Nancy: Socks.

While pretending to busk and attempting to play the ukulele in my bedroom in her pyjamas...
Nancy: la la laaaa....Mama, gimme a penny!

Playing with her dollhouse the other day...
Me: Are you having fun?
Nancy: Ya, giraffe is just putting on make-up and then he's gonna go bed.

While in the kitchen, Nancy calls me into the living room...
Nancy: Come in, come into my house.
Me: Ok, what's up?
Nancy: How was your day Mama?

I could do a whole page on her pirate talks with me but as I said, I'm probably one of those mothers!

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