Monday, November 10, 2014

where we're at.

Little Nancy is now at the age where I keep saying "Where's my little baby gone?!" It's dawning on me everyday how much she has grown and how much her little personality is such a big personality. She knows what she wants to eat, decides what she wants to wear and gets pretty stroppy when we're not doing what she wants us to do. This little girl is the boss. My sister works in childcare and I'm lucky enough to always get great tips and advice about how to raise Nancy so that she is a happy and thoughtful child. But it can test me quite a lot! The best advice I've gotten is to treat her like any other grown person and that makes a whole lot of sense when you think about it. You would never just take an adult by the hand and put them into a car without telling them where they are going. You'd never tell an adult to do something without giving them a reason why. You'd never correct an adult when they make a mistake without explaining why it was wrong or what the consequences are. Everyday I try to treat this strong minded two year old like any other person even though it can be hard sometimes. I may not be doing everything the right way but I'm pretty sure it's good enough. Parents can be tough on themselves sometimes but if you're a parent reading this, know that if you're doing your best, you're doing a fantastic job.


  1. Lovely post and really true about explaining things. I often get caught up in the "don't do that, put that down, don't eat that" that I forget about explaining why. it's tricky raising little ones but your right we should cut ourselves some slack too

    1. Thanks Ann Marie :) Oh god, I'm the same sometimes, "Don't/stop/leave it alone! and then I catch myself and I'm thinking poor Nancy listening to all those demands!! It's definitely a challenge but I suppose we didn't expect it to be any other way :)