Friday, November 7, 2014

life lately.

I'm coming a little closer to finding that balance between work and family life (and I just have one little person to look after!) that's right for me. One of the big things I'm focusing on is trying to relax a bit more when responding to emails and tasks. Being a little more realistic about what I can achieve in a week too is helping. My to-do lists are longer but I'm happier and isn't that the most important thing?!


  1. Lovely pictures! I think being happier is definitely more important than having a shorter to-do list! One amazing piece of advice I was given is to prioritise your top three things which you want to achieve then pre-forgive yourself for not doing the rest x

    1. I love that advice, thank you Kate! The top three things are usually all we can handle in a day anyway I suppose :)