Sunday, October 26, 2014

three scarily easy halloween DIYs.

Bat garland:
You'll need a few sheets of felt, chalk, a scissors, sewing needle and black thread. First, with some chalk I drew a pretty simple outline of a bat onto the felt and cut it out. I repeated this step 4 times as I didn't need my garland too long. Next, using black thread I sewed the ends of each bat shape to each other until they were all joined up. Lastly, I sewed a short loop onto both ends of the garland for ease when hanging. Ta-dah!

Boo! pumpkin:
This very quick and easy (if you have a steady hand) DIY was my favourite out of this lot. You just need a pumpkin, a pencil, a small paintbrush and some blackboard paint (or normal black paint will do too.) First, I selected a fancy text in Photoshop (this one is Snell Roundhand) before painting the pumpkin. Then using a pencil I drew a rough outline of the word, in this case "Boo!" to make it a little easier when painting. Finally, I carefully painted in the letters and let it dry. Boo!

Glitter googly eyed jar:
For this quick DIY you just need an old jar, a small paintbrush, some glitter, a pair of stick-on googly eyes and some pva glue. First I mixed some glue and glitter together on a plate. Then I brushed this mixture onto the inside of the jar, added the stick-on goggly eyes and let the glue to dry before adding a tea light.

Happy homemade Halloween!

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