Friday, October 31, 2014

red riding hood & the big bad wolf.

Seeing as I made Little Nancy's Halloween costume last year, I said I better keep up this tradition. Handmade costumes are always my favourite anyway and when little people wear them, they're even cuter! I'm also a big fan of low budget DIY projects that don't take a week to complete! So here's my wolf costume DIY for Nancy:

Starting with the ears, I cut out two pieces of cardboard to keep the ears from flopping. Then I cut four pieces of brown furry fabric to cover all sides and glued them onto the cardboard. Next, I glued two small strips of fabric around the ends of both ears and the hairband to hold the ears in place.

For the body, I used one of her larger jumpers and traced an outline leaving out the sleeves. I made it slightly longer so she could just wear it with tights. I then hand sewed the back and front together at the shoulders and sides. Lastly, I cut a long strip for the tail and sewed one length and one end, turned it inside out and sewed it onto the back of the body.

Happy Halloween!

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