Monday, September 1, 2014

old shoe planter diy.

I'm an easy-to-care-for plant kinda gal. That's why I have a bit of an obsession with cacti. I'm also an easy-to-do diy project kinda gal so here's my old shoe planter diy:

 I gathered together an old shoe, some newspaper, gold spray paint and a pretty new cactus I bought a few days ago. I removed the shoelaces and stuffed the shoe with newspaper so as not to get paint on the interior.

 I spray painted the exterior of the shoe including the tongue and the sides of the soles and left it for one hour to fully dry.

Lastly, I filled the shoe with soil, leaving a small indentation for the cactus. I then placed the cactus in and added a little more soil around the sides and pressed down the soil under it was firmly in place.

 That's it! At the moment it's living on our mantelpiece but I have neglected my bedroom decor a little bit lately so I might move it up to my dressing table soon.

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