Friday, September 12, 2014

730 days.

 You've been in this big world now for two years, well almost. Tomorrow is your second birthday and at 7.15pm you will be exactly two years old. 
That'll be 730 days. 
That's over 4000 nappy changes. 
You've had almost 730 warm bottles of milk in the morning. 
Countless bowls of cereal and definitely over 50 have ended up on the floor. 
You've been to the park nearly everyday of your life, whether it was just for a walk or to play on the swings. 
You've stolen lots of hearts and I can imagine there'll be a few more in the future. 
You've travelled in a car, a train, a bus and a plane. 
You've eaten a lot of ice-cream and not enough vegetables. 
You've had your picture taken probably too much but I'm definitely one of those mothers who likes to document everything and share it too. 
You've thrown quite a few tantrums with plenty more to come. 
You've given me lots of cuddles but I'd like to have a whole lot more.
 You've learned so many words that now you're onto sentences. 
You've read over 1000 books before bed because one is never enough. 
But there's a whole lot you haven't done yet. 
Here's to the next 365 days. 

Love Mum x


  1. So sweet, Cathy! Happy birthday to Little Nancy, and congratulations to you :)


  2. Awww that's fab Cathy, happy 2nd birthday for tomorrow Nancy from all of your crazy Kerry cousins xx

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