Tuesday, August 12, 2014

finding a balance.

Working from home. Sounds so wonderful doesn't it? Well, it is, most of the time. I don't have a uniform that I need to put on every morning. I choose my coffee breaks and closing time and my "office" can be decorated however the hell I like with little or big messes and no-one will say a word to me. 
Myself and little Nancy spend most days colouring, going to the park or snuggling on the couch. So once she goes to bed in the evening, I begin my work which means I usually end up shutting down my laptop close to midnight every night. Most of the time, this works for me. But not all the time. There's been mornings and late nights when I feel exhausted and a little burnt out. Little Nancy is almost two now and I'm still trying to find a balance. Even if you work from home or not, you need a few relaxing hours in your day to just unwind. I remind myself of this a lot but I don't always listen to my own advice.
Finding a balance is, at the moment, number one on my to-do list. I'm trying to come up with little changes that will improve our lifestyle a bit. Maybe bringing Nancy to a creche a few mornings every week as well as priortising my work schedule a bit better. Ideas are welcome, that's for sure!
Whether you have five children and work five days a week or you just have a dog and work part time, finding a balance can be difficult. Fitting in "me" time doesn't always seem like a priority but it is. And I'm going to start listening to my own advice a lot more from now on. I just gotta figure out how.


  1. Unfortunately I have no idea what the answer is. I try to work on my etsy shop when my son naps. This is all kinds of stressful, light dependent and hurried. But my brain just turns off at night so I'm juggling the daytime hours! If yo find an answer let me know:)

    1. Oh you understand the whole light problem too of course! If only photos looked as nice with artificial light we'd be up til all hours! It is very stressful sometimes isn't it, especially if the little peeps decide no nap too, then it's literally a day off work! Oh well, I'm sure we'll be wishing for these busy days back someday :) xx