Thursday, July 31, 2014

children's play cooker diy.

 So I picked up this bedside locker in CJM Furniture recently for €12.50. If their sale is still on and you're in Cork, get down there quick! I've had the idea for a while now to turn a bedside locker into a play cooker for little Nancy and when I spotted this locker (and price) I knew it was time for this DIY project. 
She already has a mini handmade wooden play cooker that her Granddad bought for her a few months ago, but it's not really free standing and she's a big fan of doors and cupboards so the inspiration and colour for this DIY is based on the little play cooker she already has. You'll see what I mean in the end...

First of all, I removed the decorative door knob, sanded down the locker and removed any dust or dirt with a wet cloth for a smooth surface to begin painting. The unit had a laminate top so I used one coat of primer on this.

 Next, I painted the locker including the side panels in a bright turquoise/blue colour with a satin finish (to match her existing play cooker). Once the primer was dry, I applied two coats of blackboard paint to the top.

 Once the blackboard paint was dry, I placed four similar sized circular objects (plant pots and plates) onto the top and arranged them to look like a cooker hob. I then applied two coats of the turquoise/blue paint around the four circular shapes, making sure none of the objects moved as I was painting. Once this was dry, I removed the pots and plates. 

 Lastly, I painted a pre-drilled wooden door knob a bright red colour, waited for it to dry and fixed it onto the door.

The purpose of the blackboard paint is to play around with the hobs with a piece of chalk. Gas rings or showing the hob is hot with some red chalk!

 It was always in my mind to place her smaller play cooker on top and as you can see, it looks great as one piece but for now, she's a little on the small side so it's perfect on it's own.

Nancy loves it! What do you think?


  1. Awe! That's so cute! I would have never seen that piece of furniture turned into what you made it! You did a fantastic job!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! It's been a very long stewing idea!