Saturday, July 12, 2014

10/10 diy - seashell jewellery holders.

 Here's another 10/10 diy that I tried this week. A 10 minute DIY project that costs under €10. I wanted to display more of my jewellery in my bedroom as I tend to only wear what I have on display and forget about all the pieces that I've stored away in jewellery boxes. Using seashells I collected from the beach last week, here's a quick and easy DIY to display your jewellery.

1. Gather your supplies. Seashells (big enough to hold jewellery), paintbrushes, paint (oil based) or coloured ink.
2. Wash the shells first to remove sand or dirt. Paint the inside of each shell (one coat is enough) and set down to dry. 
3. Experiment with different shades. I stuck with metallics for this project. 4. Wash brushes with white spirits and water.

That's it! It should take you just about ten minutes and the supplies are definitely all under €10. Win win!


  1. I love this! Will definitely be trying it, thanks for the idea :)

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