Monday, June 23, 2014

lipstick on my teeth.

What was going to be a very quick and easy outfit post where I prance around in the garden or street for about ten minutes ended up being a messy and unsuccessful event. I had to give Little Nancy a bath just before these photos and had 5 minutes to snap an outfit post before Louis headed off to work. After dusting the baby powder off my t-shirt, I asked Nancy to stand at the door and watch while I did my prancing for a few minutes. The light wasn't great where we chose to take the photographs and Nancy decided she was going to run up and down the path in her bare feet so I told Louis to call it quits and we'd try again another evening.
Then I thought, let's just post these photos anyway. Yes, they don't show what my skirt really looks like or what shoes I'm wearing, but this is the outfit I wore today that has baby powder on the t-shirt, olive oil on the skirt and I'm pretty sure a bit of lipstick on my teeth. Life is messy, so sometimes your oh-so-important outfit post or photographs are messy too.

T-shirt - Vintage & reworked
Skirt - Penneys
Necklace - Vintage
Gold shoes (that you can't see) - Dunnes Store

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