Thursday, May 22, 2014

three (other) ways to display photographs.

I've been making a few small changes around our home lately and hanging more art and photographs has been number one on the list. I'm a big fan of old, ornate frames as well as simple, modern ones but seeing as my wallet doesn't always allow me to go frame shopping every once so often, I've gotten a little creative around the house when displaying photographs. 
Here's three ways to display photos in your home without going shopping for frames:

1. Use binder clips. A binder clip acts as a nice, little stand for single photographs. Display these on cake stands, trays, fancy plates and you have a cute and inexpensive photo display.

2. Wooden pegs. Stick these to a wall in groups and you've a neat cluster of photographs. Add a little bling to the whole look by spray painting the pegs. Check out my DIY for this here.

3. Cheap and cheerful photo corners. Not just for your photo album, these look great up on a small space on your walls. They're also quite handy if you want to switch around the order of the photos or hang up new ones.

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