Monday, May 26, 2014

nancy's top 5 books.

Nancy's a big fan of reading. Everyday we'll read at least two books together before bedtime and nap time and sometimes I even find her by herself pretending to read and flipping through the pages. I really hope this is a hobby that sticks so I plan to continue our daily habits as much as possible. 
So here's Nancy's five favourite books (chosen by me!):

Zoe and Beans: Hello Ladybird! This is a recent enough addition to Nancy's book collection. A great hide and seek story, she loves finding the ladybird on every page.

 Louis bought Lost and Found for Nancy. I have to admit, it might be myself and Louis that like this book really but as I've learnt before, whatever we show interest in, Nancy soon follows suit!

 Goldilocks and the Three Bears. A good ol' classic. And this is the book responsible for Nancy learning the words 'porridge', 'spoon' and 'chair'. It's a win-win.

Peace at Last was a present from my sister to Nancy. A really cute story and beautiful illustrations. Nancy loves all the different sounds I have to read out. The more animated, the better.

 My Dad. If there's one thing I've learned from reading books with Nancy, it's that she's a fan of animals being featured in them! I love this book's illustrations too.

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