Saturday, May 10, 2014

life lately.

 I'm always one to advice people to keep it positive when blogging or on social networks but I think things are changing and I'm beginning to like it. There seems to be a shift from the "perfect" photos and consistently upbeat, polished posts and it's a real breath of fresh air. It reminds us that no-one's life is perfect, that we all have our ups and downs and that we all might hide those duller and darker moments from our online friends and followers from time to time. 
That doesn't mean I'm going to start moaning and groaning here all the time. I like this place to be one where I share things that make me happy, keep me creative and get me motivated. Having said all that, I think it's good to share the duller and darker moments with my readers sometimes instead of putting up a dishonest, "smiles all round" post.
Life lately, has been a little bit hard. Family, friends, work, have all been a bit tough. There, I said it.


  1. Your honesty is refreshing Cathy, here's hoping next week is a little better :)


    1. Thanks Fiona! It's always difficult to be brutally honest! But feels better after! :)

  2. I agree! It's good to change it up and show your true self, good and bad because everyone goes through ups and downs and it makes you relatable :-)