Sunday, March 30, 2014

floral letter door sign diy.

I recently spotted a DIY project on Pinterest that went straight on my to do list as it was the perfect solution to little Nancy's bedroom door sign, just with a slight few changes.
Here's what I did:

 I bought a cardboard letter N in Vibes and Scribes and gathered together some artificial flowers, a scissors, knife, dry oasis (floral foam), a glue gun, ribbon and a pliers. I started by cutting the letter in half to use as the base.

 With a knife I then trimmed off pieces of oasis to fit inside the cardboard. Make sure these are nice and snug so that they stay put.

Next I measured the depth of the cardboard and cut each flower stem accordingly. I used a pliers for the flowers with wire stems. Then I arranged all the flowers in the oasis, making sure to cover up any gaps.

Lastly, I glued both ends of a piece of ribbon to the back of the cardboard with a glue gun, waited for it to dry and hung it up on Nancy's door. It's cute, isn't it?

I got a good response bringing Nancy up to bed tonight, she pulled back the door as she was in my arms and said "Woooow!"