Thursday, March 6, 2014

blackboard door diy.

Our kitchen is small. Really small! It's basically a galley shape with just enough floorspace to cook and have Nancy at my feet and not even enough counter space to fit a chopping board. On the plus, it's quick to clean but enough about my kitchen, my point is - it's hard to entertain Nancy in this tiny kitchen when I'm cooking or washing dishes so a nifty diy project sprung to mind the other day.
Here's what I did:

 I gathered together my (beloved!) blackboard paint, a few wooden pegs, double sided tape, masking tape, paintbrush and chalk. The door to our kitchen has glass panels on the top and a wooden panel on the bottom so I started by covering the moulding around the wood panel with masking tape. (If your door is flush you could measure out a section that you would like to use as the blackboard and use the masking tape as your border.) 

 Next, I applied one coat of blackboard paint to the panel and left it to dry. Before applying a second coat, I stuck three wooden pegs to the frame of the door with double sided tape. The top of the pegs serves as a handy place to keep the chalk and the pegs can be used to keep drawing paper.

After the second coat of paint was dry, I removed the masking tape and let Nancy see her new toy. 

Our kitchen door is nearly always left open so the blackboard is only seen when the door is closed when we're cooking and it didn't cost me a penny as I had everything at home but once you have a paintbrush handy, it'll just cost €15. And before you think that she's really advanced, I wrote "Nancy loves cheese!" :)